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Pitch Night Paris sp ...
Evening dedicated to project pitching! March 2nd 19h00 online event Register ...
Pitch Night Paris sp ...
Pitch Night Paris" events are evenings dedicated to short presentations of the latest ...
Start Summit 2021
BE WHERE INNOVATION HAPPENS 22 nd - 27 th March A whole week of collaboration ! S'i ...
France : Pitch Night ...
Pitch Night Paris" events are evenings dedicated to short presentations of the latest ...
The Emerging V Summit ...
Palais du Pharo - Marseille 7/8 April 2021 Aix-Marseille, hub of emerging innovations ...

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With Invest2biz you can present your business sector and expertise or the events you organize. Members will be able to contact you freely when they need your services.

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How does it work?

Invest2biz is a directory that connects investors and entrepreneurs who want to develop their business.


Entrepreneurs submit their file, which may contain a presentation, a teaser and possibly a business plan. This information is freely available to investors registered on invest2biz who can choose to contact the entrepreneurs when the file interests them. The list of investors is not directly available but it is possible for companies to send their application to investors depending on the options subscribed.


A list of experts and private or institutional partners who present their services or events is also freely available to Entrepreneurs and Investors.