General terms and conditions
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General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") of INVEST2BIZ's services are valid as of February 25, 2019.



"Collaborator" refers to any person under the responsibility of the User and using the Services.

"Partner" means any company offering the User, in partnership with Invest2biz, products or services through its own distribution network or through a hypertext link.

"Service" means any of the services described in Article 2 of the Terms of Use.

"Site": or any other website that may be operated by ACBS Ltd and through which the User may access the Services.

"User" means any individual or legal entity using the Site.

"Entrepreneur" means any individual or legal entity submitting content to the Site (announcement, expert opinion, operation report, company documentation, business plan, etc.).

"Service provider": a natural or legal person wishing to be listed as an expert to present its services. 

"Investor": a legal entity or its representative seeking to invest in files submitted by Entrepreneurs.


These Terms of Use apply to all Services. As soon as he has read them, the User will confirm by a click that he has accepted the Terms of Use in their entirety.

Access to the Services is reserved for Users using them in a professional capacity, as the Services are not intended for consumers or non-professionals.

With the exception of specific conditions provided for in a written contract between INVEST2BIZ and the User, no document may, unless formally accepted in writing by INVEST2BIZ, prevail over the Terms of Use. Any provision contrary to the Terms of Use which is opposed by the User will therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be unenforceable against INVEST2BIZ, regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention.



INVEST2BIZ offers services aimed at facilitating networking between companies, investors and service providers as well as any operation allowing the development of a company in the broadest sense of the term, such as the search for partners or the search for financing and equity capital. 

The User may use the Services as part of his activity as an intermediary adviser in business combinations, as a financial investor, as a seller or assignee of a business or as part of operations carried out by companies on their own capital.

Through the Site, the User may in particular :

- consult or distribute documents on the Site,

- contact the depositors of the documents published on the Site,

- be referenced in the directories (of experts, companies, private investors or investment funds) available on the Site.


2.2.1 Database of records of research on growth opportunities for businesses

INVEST2BIZ allows the User to disseminate or consult fund research files on the Site according to the terms and conditions described below.

2.2.2 Dissemination of Research Files 

This service is intended for any natural or legal person who, on his own behalf or on behalf of third parties, wishes to inform third parties of one or more opportunities to seek financing on behalf of his company or the company he represents, including the search for equity financing. 

Search ads must relate to commercial, liberal or craft companies and enterprises registered in the Company Register in their country of origin or to company assets.

Any Entrepreneur wishing to submit a file must follow the registration process. He will have to pay the cost of the service but INVEST2BIZ reserves the right not to disseminate the files that would not be in accordance with the spirit or the target of INVEST2BIZ. The files can be consulted by any Investor of the Website.

INVEST2BIZ may also publish certain files on Partner websites that seem relevant to it after agreement of the Contractor. The files are disseminated by the Partners on their website or any other medium under their own and sole responsibility and both the User and the Contractor waive any recourse against INVEST2BIZ for such dissemination.

The documents circulated constitute simple non-contractual information. The Contractor is solely responsible for the content and updating of the information disseminated in its documents. He may at any time suspend the distribution of his documents on the Site in order to correct or update them. The Contractor shall at all times take care not to damage the image of third parties and shall verify both the authenticity and the completeness of the data it transmits to INVEST2BIZ. In case of opposition between INVEST2BIZ and the Contractor on a presentation or document, the announcement will not be published.

Without discounting or payment by the Contractor, the maximum life of the documents is 6 months. After this period, the documents are erased.

INVEST2BIZ is free to suspend the distribution of a document or to refuse an Entrepreneur, a User, an Investor or in the broadest sense any physical or moral entity, without even having to make a prior notification.

2.2.3 Consulting documents

Consultation of the documents is open to all professional investors or their representatives and may be free of charge in its basic version for professional investors who are registered and have an approval number with the regulatory body of the investor's profession in their country of origin.

Invest2biz does not guarantee in any way the veracity of the documents or the confidentiality of their distribution. It shall be the responsibility of each User to ensure the level of authenticity and confidentiality of the information submitted or consulted. 

An alert system may allow you to receive by e-mail information corresponding to pre-selected criteria.

2.2.4 Connecting people interested in files with the Contractors

INVEST2BIZ organises the putting in contact between Entrepreneurs and persons (individuals or legal entities) with an interest to be put in contact with them according to the documents filed on the site.

Any person wishing to be put in contact with a Contractor must be registered among the users of the Site in accordance with Article 3 hereof.

INVEST2BIZ's matchmaking services are subject to a fee and invoiced in accordance with the current rates posted on the site.

The use of packages is strictly personal. A user who has subscribed to a package of any kind whatsoever, may not pass it on to a third party.

2.2.5 Possibility of solicitation :

The User is reminded that Entrepreneurs may be contacted directly by Investors or by service providers registered in the list of INVEST2BIZ experts. The objective is exclusively to enable a rapprochement between entrepreneurs (seller, buyer, company manager) and investors or intermediaries mandated by their respective clients in an optimal manner.

2.2.6 Registered members on INVEST2BIZ

The list of INVEST2BIZ members contains individuals or legal entities who have voluntarily requested their inclusion in this directory.

Access to the consultation of INVEST2BIZ members is either free or subject to a fee, depending on the fee schedule in force. 

Listing a professional Investor with an approval number on INVEST2BIZ is free of charge. Any person may be listed on INVEST2BIZ, although INVEST2BIZ is free to refuse profiles that do not seem serious or credible. Investors wishing to be listed in the INVEST2BIZ Directory must fill in the registration form available on the Website.

The consultation of the Entrepreneurs is free and open to any Professional Investor User connecting to the Site but in a way that may be limited.

INVEST2BIZ is at liberty to refuse Investor profiles that do not seem serious or not up to date.

2.3 Terms of Payment :

The amounts to be paid for INVEST2BIZ's services are defined in the fee schedule on the Website. Before the validation of each purchase, the User will be able to choose in his basket the services for which he wishes to pay according to his profile. 

Payments are made All Taxes Included for Cypriot Users and Excluding Taxes if Users have an intra-community VAT number.

2.4. News broadcasting

The Site may broadcast news on various subjects. INVEST2BIZ is simply a broadcaster of information and does not guarantee the veracity of the content of the articles. 


When subscribing to INVEST2BIZ Services, the User undertakes to complete the online registration form by providing accurate information. In particular, he undertakes not to use a false identity likely to mislead third parties as to his identity.

Upon registration, the User chooses a username and a password. The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his identifiers. The User shall appoint an administrator from among its members to be in charge of managing the INVEST2BIZ account, including the management of access to the Site by the Collaborators. The User further undertakes to notify INVEST2BIZ of any unauthorized use of his account as soon as he becomes aware of it. Under no circumstances is he or she authorised to transfer his or her account or access parameters to a third party.

The User shall, under his own responsibility, keep the information on his personal page up to date.

By registering on the Website, the User agrees to receive INVEST2BIZ's professional newsletters enabling him/her to make better use of the Website and the services offered. They also agree to receive emails presenting the services of partners in relation to entrepreneurship in the broadest sense. The user may oppose this at any time, either by clicking on the unsubscribe link available in all mailings received, or directly by sending an e-mail to the following address 


The Services are payable in cash, without discount, as soon as the order is placed by the User. Unless expressly agreed by the Parties, they shall not give rise to any refund from INVEST2BIZ, but INVEST2BIZ may offer, at its sole discretion, to provide an unsatisfied User with one or more Services in addition to those ordered.

Payments are made All Taxes Included for Cypriot Users and Excluding Taxes if Users have an intra-community VAT number.

Payment by cheque can only be made through the online payment system offered by INVEST2BIZ.

For Services payable by subscription, each subscription period commenced is due in full. These services shall not give rise to any reimbursement by INVEST2BIZ.


INVEST2BIZ is the owner of all intellectual property rights or usage rights relating to the Site or the elements accessible on the Site, in particular in the form of texts, photographs, images, icons, sounds, videos, software or databases.

Access to the Site does not confer on the User any intellectual property rights on the Site or on the elements appearing on it. The User may not, under any circumstances, reproduce, represent, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or exploit in any way whatsoever, all or part of the Website without the prior written consent of INVEST2BIZ. Any use of all or part of the Website without prior authorisation by INVEST2BIZ, for any reason whatsoever, may be subject to any appropriate action, in particular an action for counterfeiting.



INVEST2BIZ does not guarantee that the Site will operate without interruption or failure or that it will be free of anomalies, errors or bugs.

INVEST2BIZ also does not guarantee that the Site is compatible with any hardware or computer environment. INVEST2BIZ shall in no way be held liable for any malfunction attributable to third party software, whether or not such software is incorporated into or provided with the Website.

Finally, since INVEST2BIZ cannot control all the websites to which it refers via hypertext links, in particular Partner websites, it shall in no way be held responsible for their content.

The User declares to be aware of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular its technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and the risks related to the security of communications.


The professionals listed on INVEST2BIZ (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Investment Funds, Advertisers, Experts, Business Angels, etc.) are solely responsible for the quality of the information provided to INVEST2BIZ. Since INVEST2BIZ cannot control this data, it does not provide the User with any guarantee as to the authenticity, accuracy and or sincerity of the information appearing in the said directories or as to the compliance by professionals with the statutory conditions for the exercise of their activity. It is the responsibility of any User who comes into contact with the said professionals to ensure that they are authorised and competent.


INVEST2BIZ not being the author of the files and information and not being able to control the information communicated by the Entrepreneurs, it expressly excludes any liability for the authenticity, accuracy or sincerity of the fundraising announcements. 

Similarly, INVEST2BIZ does not provide any guarantee concerning the authenticity, accuracy or truthfulness of any information appearing on the Site that it has not authored.


Within the framework of the provision of the Services, INVEST2BIZ is bound by an obligation of means. INVEST2BIZ does not assume any obligation towards the User other than those arising from the performance of the Services.

INVEST2BIZ shall not accept any claim relating to the non-performance or improper performance of the Services that is attributable either to the User, or to a third party not involved in the performance, or to a case of force majeure.

Should INVEST2BIZ be held liable in the performance of the Services, the User may only claim compensation for material damage, foreseeable for INVEST2BIZ and arising directly from the alleged breach by INVEST2BIZ. Under no circumstances shall INVEST2BIZ be liable for any indirect or incidental damages such as the payment of any consulting fees, reimbursement of lost profits, etc.

Any claim for compensation must be addressed by the User to INVEST2BIZ by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a maximum period of three months from the alleged breach by INVEST2BIZ. After this period, the User shall be deemed to have waived any claim against INVEST2BIZ.

In any event, the liability of INVEST2BIZ shall be limited to the amount of the sums paid to it by the User.



The personal data collected are subject to processing for which Fred Josephsky is responsible.

The information provided by the User on the Website enables INVEST2BIZ to process and execute orders placed on the Website as well as the services offered by INVEST2BIZ and via its various Sites. 

The personal data provided by the User when registering on the INVEST2BIZ website or when subsequently subscribing to new services are intended for INVEST2BIZ and for legal entities belonging to INVEST2BIZ subsidiaries, as well as for external service providers used by the data controller, in particular for sending newsletters and mailings.

The controller has ensured that these providers meet the requirements of the DMPP. 

As long as the user interacts with the site (connection or click on a newsletter or on a message received outside the unsubscribe link), all his personal data will be kept, the user remaining in a business relationship with the site. 

If the user has not interacted with the site for more than 3 years, and if the user has not placed an order or made one or more deposits of content on the site (Folder, Business Plan, profile, ...) that may have generated orders by third parties, all personal data will be deleted.  

Otherwise, his personal data will be kept in order to meet, in particular, the legal deadline for keeping invoices according to the legislation in force.

The User may receive INVEST2BIZ newsletters and commercial offers from INVEST2BIZ or Partners sent by INVEST2BIZ. However, no personal information concerning the User will be transferred to third parties.

The User may also unsubscribe at any time from all or part of the emails he or she receives from INVEST2BIZ or Partners. 

The User is further advised that the non-nominative data entered in the registration form may be used and/or marketed by INVEST2BIZ in order to better target advertising offers from third parties such as banner ads.

The User further acknowledges that he/she has been informed of the possible installation of one or more "cookies" in his/her computer, intended to record information relating to navigation on the INVEST2BIZ website, with a view to facilitating navigation on the website by memorising certain parameters. The user acknowledges that he/she has been informed that his/her browser allows him/her to oppose the recording of cookies.

In accordance with the regulations applicable to personal data, the User has a right of access, rectification, opposition, limitation of processing, deletion and portability of his data that he can exercise by mail or e-mail to the address by specifying his or her surname, first name, postal address and email address and attaching a copy of both sides of his or her identity document. 


The Terms of Use are subject to Cypriot law. Any dispute concerning their interpretation or execution shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Nicosia.


INVEST2BIZ reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time by posting the new version on the Website. The modifications are effective immediately.

The Terms of Use may not be otherwise modified except by a written contract signed by both parties.


The fact that INVEST2BIZ does not avail itself, at one time or another, of one of the provisions of these Terms of Use shall not be interpreted as a waiver by INVEST2BIZ to avail itself of such provision at a later date.

Should any provision of the Terms of Use be declared null and void or ineffective, it shall be deemed to be unwritten, without affecting the validity of the other provisions, unless the provision declared null and void or ineffective was essential and decisive.

Any case of force majeure making it impossible to perform a Service, including the interruption of telecommunications, strikes, fires, extinguishes the obligations on INVEST2BIZ affected by the case of force majeure. Services not performed due to force majeure shall not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation on the part of INVEST2BIZ.


Legal Notice

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