Pricing policy

Invest2biz offers membership to a community that shares a directory of contacts and projects. The pricing policy consists exclusively of the cost of the directory subscription and the choice of certain display or notification options. Invest2biz does not intervene in the business relationships that could be established between members of the community, invest2biz does not solicit and does not receive commissions of any kind.

Each member pays a subscription fee according to his profile. He has access to options called 'premium options' which allow him to modify the display of his profile or to receive notifications in various ways.

The product pricing is presented below:


Tariff of the community subscription :

Investor :

  • For professional investors with an approval number issued by a financial supervisory authority. FREE
  • Investor not referenced by a control body : 49,90 € per month
  • Premium option '15 days e-mail notification': 3 credits
  • Premium option 'hidden profile' for 30 days: 9 credits
  • Premium option 'Cool Investor' for 7 days: 3 credits
  • Premium option 'Go up in the phone book' for 7 days: 9 credits

Company :

  • Submission of presentation file and free access to investors : 39,90 € per month
  • Premium option 'Cool business' for 7 days:  3 credits
  • Premium option ' Go up in the phone book' for 7 days: 9 credits
  • The free 1-hour session with an expert is included to help you optimize your file.


  • Join the community and showcase your services or events: 9,90 € per month
  • Premium option 'Cool partner' for 7 days: 3 credits
  • Premium option 'Go up in the phone book' for 7 days: 9 credits

Premium Options :

The 'premium options' are accessible according to a number of 'credits' which are available for purchase according to the pricing below:

  • Silver Pack of 5 credits : 24,95 €
  • Gold pack of 25 credits : 119,95 €
  • Diamond pack of 100 credits : 449,95 €

Subscriptions may be suspended at any time. A month's subscription is due. The prices shown do not include VAT.