Thanks to invest2biz we quickly detect promising startups that match our investment criteria in Europe.

Olivier - Orevon Partners


With the platform we were able to get in touch directly with funds and start constructive exchanges. We completed and finalized our €1.5M fundraising through this.

Donal - Ireland


I was able to quickly access funds for my fundraising and I was also able to find a partner to do my business plan. I managed to raise 1.2 M€ thanks to Invest2biz.

Jean-Nicolas - France


I contact the funds that match the profile of the startups that I accompany.  Invest2biz allowed me to multiply the chances of my startups which finally led to several fundraising.

Daniel - Luxembourg


With Invest2biz I was able to find real professionals who do seed funding to start my project which was still in the experimental stage.

Thomas - France


Invest2biz allowed us to quickly get in touch with professional investors and to define the valuation of our company for our fundraising.