Frequently Asked Questions

With Invest2biz, you can quickly target the investors that match your activity and your fund search. Within 24 hours of your registration, a message is sent to all registered investors mentioning your presence on the platform. Invest2biz allows you to save precious time and avoid discrediting yourself by contacting funds that are in line with your objectives. Invest2biz also allows you to avoid paying commissions and fundraising fees that often represent very large amounts.

Invest2biz is a listing directory and does not intervene at any time in the relationship between the investor and the company, no amount is charged by Invest2biz on transactions that remain confidential between investment funds and companies. To register on invest2biz you only have to pay the monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

No, all companies seeking to enter into relationships with professional investment funds can register.

The registered investment funds are very varied and all operate out of operations ranging from seed capital of €100,000 to rounds of financing of several tens of millions of euros (Seed, Serie A, B...) or LBO and transmission operations.

Yes, this is the objective of the platform to enable entrepreneurs and business leaders to go faster in their search for funds and avoid intermediary fees.

Investors define criteria for alerts and searches concerning the characteristics of companies and projects of interest to them. Some investors ask to receive all the files present in the Invest2biz community.

Some investors are registered in 'confidential' mode but they can see and access your file. However, you have access to hundreds of investors who want to be visible.

To interest investors, you must make sure that your project is well described, you can download in your space your presentation, your business plan and any other information that would arouse the interest of an investor.

Yes, a list of partners is accessible for free from your space.

You can subscribe to the premium option 'cool business' or the premium option 'move up to the top of the list' so that your file is systematically put forward.

Yes, 95% of the investors are professionals, some of whom are also seed investors.

Invest2biz lists several hundred registered funds whose contact details are available to you.

The funds remain very discreet about the relationship with their client and Invest2biz does not intervene in the relationship between the investor and the company. On the other hand, we have thousands of connections every day for the follow-up of the connections.

Nothing. Invest2biz is the only platform that does not charge any commission of any kind. Invest2biz does not intervene at any time in the relationship between the company and the investment fund. The one and only cost is that of the subscription for referencing and visibility on the platform as described in the pricing policy.

Our premium partners who are visibly present on the homepage are leading companies who trust Invest2biz and who testify to the seriousness of the platform. All the funds present give us the useful information to be contacted in the best conditions by entrepreneurs. 

Tariffs are presented in a transparent way in the 'Tariff' section and are made to be affordable by any company looking for funds or partner wishing to offer its services. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The details of investors or members present on the site are only accessible if you have subscribed to Invest2biz.

No, we have professionals among our clients who sign up as partners to offer their services to companies looking to raise funds. We also have professionals who represent companies seeking funds in correspondence with their clients in different countries.

The partners are listed in the directory, which can be consulted by both investors and companies. It is possible to contact companies according to the credits subscribed.

Beyond your subscription you can subscribe to credits that give you additional 'premium' options to be more visible and/or promote your company. Your credit balance is displayed at the top right of your space. Their management is independent of your subscription.

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time from your space.

Invest2biz offers credits each month to customers depending on the subscription and within the limit of 20 credits offered.